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# Виртуальная приемнаяHerman 06.02.2022 07:17
If by "every week early," you mean that the date keeps changing every month,
this is regular when using the pill. How long did it take
to film Imply Girls? First, remember that you may get pregnant even when you're taking the birth control pill
completely. When do you get your interval if you are
on the beginning management pill? When will you get your interval after stopping the beginning management pill?
You can start the delivery management pill at any time in your cycle.

I've only been on beginning control for a month (Ocella), it made me nausea and tired on a regular basis.
Can you get pregnant if you don't take the delivery control pill at
the same time day by day? There has been no proof that reveals that taking the
pill in early pregnancy causes any birth defects to the growing fetus.

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